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  • (506) 684-3453
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The Various Civil Construction Services We Offer

When thinking municipal infrastructure, you can trust LCL Excavation

Aggregates or Crushing

LCL Excavation has three different aggregate source locations. We have a mobile crushing system that is also capable of crushing or screening for your project in mind.

Please use the buttons below for the aggregate source locations visible in Google Maps:

Dalhousie Quarry
656 Victoria Street
Dalhousie, NB:

Charlo Pit
131 Charlo Dam Rd
Charlo, NB:

Charlo Quarry
622 Mountain Brook Road
Charlo, NB:

  • Asphalt Aggregates
  • Rip Rap
  • Rock Fill
  • Crushed Drain Stone
  • Crushed Rock Base
  • Crushed Rock Subbase
  • Crusher Tailings
  • Armor Stone

Municipal Infrastructure

Road Building