Providing Top-Quality Underground Infrastructure Contracting

LCL Excavation is an underground infrastructure contractor serving Atlantic Canada.


Purpose to Build Great Teams

A company's purpose is the reason why we get up in the morning, the reason why we do what it takes when it counts and why we strive for great results. Our company purpose is ''Build Great Teams''. A Great Team starts when every person on the team shares the same values and each person is accountable for their role. The ''Great Team'' status is reached when the team has forged genuine trust, respect, and camaraderie with every person.

Get Results

Work Smart, No Waste.
Plan; act with purpose
Get Better, learn from the good and the bad.

Humble, No Drama

We, Not Me
Give credit
No tolerance for drama


What it takes, when it counts
Going all-in, be present
No half measures

Get Started

LCL relentlessly builds infrastructure by working intelligently and leveraging talent. Are you ready for a successful project?