What Sets L.C.L. Excavation Apart: Our Core Strengths and Competitive Benefits


In the competitive world of construction and excavation, what makes a company truly stand out? At L.C.L. Excavation, we believe it’s a combination of our core strengths and values, along with our competitive benefits that sets us apart. Join us as we explore what we excel at and how these strengths and benefits benefit both our team and our clients.

1. A United Team with Shared Values:

At the heart of L.C.L. Excavation is a team that shares not just projects but also core values. Our core values are GET RESULTS, HUMBLE NO DRAMA, and HARD-WORKING. We believe that working with a team that is aligned in its values is the foundation of success, and it’s these shared values that drive our collective commitment to excellence.

2. A Growing Team, Growing Opportunities:

We understand that in a dynamic industry, growth is key. As a company, we’re continuously expanding, which means growing opportunities for our team members. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting your career, L.C.L. Excavation provides a platform for personal and professional growth.

3. Talent Development Focus, Grow Your Career:

At L.C.L. Excavation, we’re more than just an employer; we’re a career partner. We’re dedicated to your growth, offering training, mentorship, and a clear path for advancement. Your career is important to us, and we’ll work with you to help you achieve your goals.

4. Diverse Geographical Areas:

We are not just a company that operates in a single location. L.C.L. Excavation serves a diverse range of geographical areas, providing our team with unique career opportunities. From Moncton, Fredericton, Nova Scotia and Campbellton, our reach expands across the beautiful Maritime Provinces.

5. Work-Life Balance with Our 4-Day Work Week:

We know the importance of maintaining a balance between your work and personal life. That’s why we offer a 4-day work week that not only allows you to recharge but also helps you be more productive. You get the production of a 5-day work week in just 4 days, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful Maritime Provinces and have time for family, appointments, and personal interests.

6. Competitive Benefits:

At L.C.L. Excavation, we value our team members and offer competitive benefits that include:

  • DPSP Plan: We match up to 3% of your weekly earnings into a DPSP plan, helping you save for retirement or purchasing your first home.
  • Health and Dental Insurance: We provide health and dental insurance for you and your family to cover health-related expenses.
  • Attractive Wages: Competitive wage rates for various positions, ensuring that your hard work is well-rewarded.
  • Travel Benefits: If you’re working on the road, we offer paid hourly travel time, travel expenses, and a food allowance, along with an individual hotel room to ensure your comfort and convenience during your stay.

7. Building Great Teams:

At L.C.L. Excavation, we believe in building great teams. This means:

  • Helping individuals grow intentionally with clarity and guidance.
  • Selecting the right mix of people for exceptional teams.
  • Achieving more together than you could imagine alone.
  • Taking pride in the team’s accomplishments.
  • Fostering a sense of belonging and support among team members.
  • Continuously exploring better ways to achieve team goals.

Join the L.C.L. Excavation Team

As you can see, L.C.L. Excavation (2006) Inc. stands out for many reasons. We’re not just a company; we’re a community built on shared values, a commitment to growth, and a dedication to our team’s well-being. Join our team and experience the benefits of working with a dedicated, results-driven group of professionals