LCL Excavation offers a proven process covering precise phases from Project Discovery to Pre-Construction, including a comprehensive Pre-Construction Meeting. This ensures smooth Project Execution and meticulous Project Closeout, all backed by our strong Guarantee.

  1. Project Discovery

  • Define if the Project is suitable for LCL
  • Define if project requirements can be met; project schedule, resource availability, specific requirements, etc.
  • Estimating and Tendering of Project

*LCL will submit pricing for a project that is within our Niche and Vision

  1. Pre-Construction (2 weeks?)

  • Contractual Obligations, Signing of contracts
  • Prepare and send project submittals such as; project schedule, shop drawings, safety documentation, etc.
  • Issuance of Purchase Orders and Subcontracts
  • Plan and get approval on laydown areas and waste dump sites

*LCL will provide documentation within the established timeframe, we value the importance of well-planned and structured project

  1. Pre-Construction Meeting

  • Introduce and meet with the Project Team
  • Define Project Expectations
  • Understand potential concerns

*LCL will have the Team determined and ready to discuss the project, will be attentive, and will pay special attention to any potential concerns required to be addressed.

  1. Project Execution

  • Install Traffic control measures, identify and locate all underground utilities on site
  • Install Temporary Water
  • Coordination/scheduling of work sequence with the project team
  • Installation of Infrastructure using the open trench method
  • Installation of road building following underground installation closely
  • Preliminary walkthrough for deficiency identification and correction (2 days)
  • Completion of surface work (concrete, asphalt, landscaping, etc.)
  • Completion of Deficiencies
  1. Project Closeout

  • Review of Final quantities and confirmation
  • Submission of project close-out documents
  • Final Invoicing

Our Uniques:

  • Employees enjoy working together, we strive to create a fun working environment
  • We genuinely care about our projects, continuous improvement is a culture at LCL, whether it’s technology, training, skilled workforce, or growth
  • We provide realistic schedules

Our Guarantee:

  • We make extra efforts to provide Great project teams
  • Decisions are made based on the purpose of the project
  • We do what we say


“Build Great Teams”